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Don't let others decide who you are, just live life and embrace your innerself
Candid shots from @misscocoababy . #SanJuan #PR #ElMorro #LooksLikeImPosing #TravelJournalistInTheMaking #RunawayTra #Take2FULissette #LOL




A black teenager could have a 200 IQ and find the cure for cancer and white people will still say affirmative action is the reason why they got into college

A white kid could have a 200 IQ and discover the cure for cancer and people will say his alumni daddy is the reason he got into college.

A white person will see a post having nothing to do with them and still find a way to include themselves



"Most of my photos are grounded in people, I look for the unguarded moment, the essential soul peeking out, experience etched on a person’s face."Steve McCurry 

People are just so goddamn beautiful

Welcome to San Juan…

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